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Gaia Wellness Retreat is nestled on 55-acres of forested property just 15 minutes north of Wakefield, Quebec. Corporate/ Group Rentals, Workshops, Personal Transformation Retreats & Mindfulness Programs for all ages, Weddings, Events, Cabin Rentals, Camping, and Private Functions.

  • B&B

    At Gaia Wellness Retreat we strive to offer all of our guests a serene and calming escape from the busyness of life and an opportunity to connect with nature and themselves. Our B&B is open year-round so that guests are able to enjoy all there is to offer in nature during the different seasons.

  • Corporate Retreats

    Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness Training is part of a growing trend in business that focuses on employees health and wellness. Many employers are experiencing reduced health insurance rates and more productivity in the workplace by equipping their employees with tools to reduce stress, tension and anxiety in and out of the workplace.

  • Group Rentals

    At Gaia Wellness Retreat we can accommodate up to 24 guests in shared accommodations. More space is available if guests are sharing a bed or if guests would like to camp outdoors or in the yoga space overnight. We have 4 beautiful winterized cabins each with their own screened porch. Cozy and quiet, you are sure to get a good night’s sleep!

  • Events

    From festivals and milestone birthdays to family gatherings and baby showers, just about any sort of event can be held at Gaia Wellness. With GWR's landscaped grounds and serene surroundings, your event will be unforgettable! Base prices start at 50 guests. GWR can accommodate up to 300 guests for an outdoor event.

  • Weddings

    GWR offers a stunning and unique lakefront wedding venue near Wakefield, Quebec. Your special day will be filled with romance, love and the natural beauty of the Gatineau Hills, made complete with picturesque views and the beautiful backdrop of Petit Lac Usher.

  • Personal Retreats

    Personal Retreats can be transformative and life-changing-- a chance to re-connect with who we really are, and surrender our old ideas of who we thought we were. Taking time to journey within can lead to awakening a deeper awareness and can inspire an inner journey of self-discovery and self-realization--a deep spiritual renewal that rejuvenates your spirit.

Truly an Oasis Nestled in the Gatineau Hills

Our thanks to Robert Hay, the Founder of the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre (1993) and the creator of this beautiful, sacred space in nature originally called The Yoga Garden Retreat. Gaia Wellness Retreat has been created in this setting to serve you and your community…. This space is here to provide a tranquil escape into nature for people to take time away for themselves, to connect authentically with others and to find their own unique path to personal freedom. When you allow yourself time to retreat, you give yourself the gifts of time and space. Personal retreats are an opportunity for a true reunion with the real you. By drawing back from the usual routines and obligations, shedding the usual roles and demands, you get closer and closer to your essential self, your true nature and remember what it feels like when you are well rested, well nourished, nurtured by mindfulness and feeling renewed from time away in a peaceful and tranquil environment. A retreat offers you space to connect with the inner resources, strength and inspiration needed to return to life feeling rejuvenated and re-connected. A retreat allows you to do something great for yourself, and in the process do something great for everyone you touch in your life. If you're willing to honestly challenge yourself, a retreat can be a life-changing experience. It allows you the space and time to contemplate life, reevaluate who you are, and become better equipped to travel your journey. And in turn, you'll be better able to support the people in your life---at work, at home, and at play---and contribute to their wellbeing as you contribute to your own.

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