Chakra Forest Wellness Walks

Join us beginning April 8th at 1pm for this special seven-week series of Chakra Forest Wellness Walks, journeying from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra… turning our focus from the roots of the trees and plants, and the stories within the soil, to the towering crowns of the trees and beyond to the skies…

A single Forest Wellness Walk helps you to take care of yourself, de-stress and connect with nature. A series of walks offers a whole new level of self-discovery, vitality and connection to nature. This series brings particular focus to the properties and powers of our energy centres and to aspects of nature that support the energies of each chakra.

The seven chakras are the major centres in our body through which the energy flows. The energy can become "stuck" from things like stress, emotional & physical difficulties, issues in our relationships, past trauma and isolation or social disconnection. A Forest Wellness Walk helps to de-stress and move into a state of relaxation that supports our overall health and wellbeing. Connecting with the forest“medicine” can help us re-charge our own energy centres.

In this series of we will focus on a specific chakra each week, beginning with the root chakra. We will begin with a guided Wellness Walk of 2.5 hours, with a sequence of“invitations” to help us awaken to the sensory experience of being in the forest. Then, after a break and refreshments, there will be a further teaching and reflection session to deepen our knowledge about the specific chakra we have worked to clear.

Sign up for the whole series, or sign up for the first walk and then decide if you would like to commit to the rest of the series.

First session only: $45

Seven-week series of half-day workshops: $315

Minimum: 10 people -- Maximum 18

We hope you will join us and experience for yourSelf the serenity a personal retreat can offer. Take time to focus on your emotional & physical health and over-all well being. You deserve it :)


  • Retreat Name Chakra Forrest Wellness Walks - A 7-Week Course
  • Type
  • Date April 8, 2018 - May 20, 2018
  • Cost $45 - $315