Karma Yoga and Volunteer Positions at Gaia Wellness Retreat

At Gaia Wellness Retreat a lot of work goes into providing an authentic and quality experience as well as caring for and tending to the land we live on. We know the joy of planting and cultivating the gardens and we have experienced the meditative spell of weeding the plants. We feel the deep connection to nature that exists when we water the grass or trim the bushes or rake the beach. We know the pleasure of working with our guests as they explore their inner life on deeper levels and embrace their journey fully and we love having the opportunity to facilitate real and true connections.

We know many of our guests also feel a deep connection to the energy and spirit of this land and a deep desire to help others through the work we do.

If you would like to participate in caring for our space we welcome you to ask us about ways that you can contribute to all that we do here. If you would like to spend time in the gardens or help with some of the upkeep or even assist with administration and marketing we would be happy to have you help. 

Please email us to discuss the many available opportunities for Karma Yoga and opportunities to Volunteer with us if you are feeled called to. 

We look forward to having you join our dynamic and passionate team of Yogis and Yogini's.



The Gaia Wellness Team



Donations to The Gaia Fund

At Gaia Wellness Retreat we believe everyone deserves time to unplug and connect with their true selves, every being should be given the opportunity to live fully and authentically even if they are experiencing finiancial difficulty. This is why we have created The Gaia Fund.

The Gaia Fund is a chance to pay it forward for more financially secure guests and members of our community who wish to support someone less fortunate and provide them with an opportunity to experience a retreat or workshop that will support them on their unique path to personal freedom. We welcome donations of any amount and we can provide a receipt for tax purposes upon request.

We also accept donations of gently used Spiritual, Meditation or Yoga books to be sold in our boutique. All proceeds from these book sales will go into The Gaia Fund. Please contact us to arrange donating some of your previously loved books, we thank you for supporting your community in this way. Sat Nam

Please contact us today to make a donation in your name or anonymously  - info@gaiawellnessretreat.com - we accept cash, credit card or e-transfer.

If you are someone experiencing financial difficulty and would like to register for an upcoming workshop or retreat, please complete the application below and send it by email to billie@gaiawellnessretreat.com. Please include details about the retreat you have chosen and indicate if you would like to be acknowledged as a recipient of The Gaia Fund.

To download our Scholarship Application click on this LINK