Celebrate Earth Day and re-discover the joy of deep nature connection! Join us on April 22nd at 1:30 pm for a Forest Wellness Walk and then come back again for more Sunday walks and witness the forest awakening to Spring.

Feel Spring awakening within you, too. Give yourself time to breathe, to be, and to appreciate the season with all your senses.

Research shows that a Forest Wellness Walk (also known as "forest bathing") helps you de-stress and move into a state of relaxation that supports your health and wellbeing. Connecting with the forest medicine can help us re-charge, boost our spirits and give us new insights and perspectives on our lives.

Forest Therapy Guide Andrea Prazmowski will offer a sequence of “invitations” to help you quiet your mind, slow down, and awaken to the sensory experience of being in the forest. The walk ends with tea and refreshments.

"I have been a nature enthusiast for a very long time, but after one walk with Andrea, I learned how to deepen the experience into something that shifts my centre of gravity from my head to my body. I’m more present now. I use all my senses. I stop a lot more or even plan to not move at all - just to pay attention to the miraculous life that pulses all around if you give yourself time to tune in. Forest Therapy, as ably taught by Andrea, refreshes the soul." - Gabrielle

Sign up for the whole the series, or pick and choose the Sundays that fit your schedule.

Single session: $35

Complete 7-Week Course of Half-Day Workshops: $245

Minimum: 10 people -- Maximum 16

NOTE: There will not be a walk on Sunday, May 13.

  • Retreat Name Chakra Forrest Wellness Walks - A 7-Week Course
  • Type
  • Date April 22, 2018 - 7 Sundays
  • Cost $35 - $245