Weaving the thread of gratitude within the mind, body, heart and soul, the Gratitude Body is a space for you to get to know yourself and shift your perceptions of who you believe yourself to be.

Through expanding the sense perception of being in the body, we become familiar with the differing ways that the heart, breath, body and soul communicate and are better able to bridge the inner and outer worlds.

Deep insights, profound revelations and self-healing abilities naturally reveal themselves, offering a depth of transformation and an awakening to the truth of life as it unfolds from within. ​

The gifts of gratitude are measurable and influential, and the heart produces the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Gratitude changes the brain, the types of chemicals the body releases, the vitality of the body and the energy frequency that we're electromagnetically sending out.

Science continues to reaffirm in a multitude of ways that the ability to sustain a harmonious, loving, appreciative coherence within the heart, directly informs the mind and body in far-reaching and long-term ways.

As an energy current, gratitude is the bridge that takes us across the gap of who we perceive ourselves to be, and who we actually are; who we present ourselves as to the world, and who we experience ourselves as from moment to moment.

Bridging these parts within us is key to coming to understand and easily move through the healing pathway of discovery, transformation and awakening.

Using gratitude as the soft, gentle thread, we weave a new story of understanding, feeling and experience into the body as the body surrenders into a remembering, gaining access to precious gifts and abilities long held dormant.

This series of retreats is being offered by Destini Broom, creator and facilitator of The Gratitude Body 4-week online series.

In likeness of the series, the retreats are an expansion on the themes covered in the course: Mind, Body, Heart, Soul. Each retreat day will be a wholly nourishing and vivefying experience on it’s own. Taken as a retreat series package over the 4 months, it will provide a solid anchoring and an integration into a new way of being.

In addition to the retreat - and as per the request of past participants - guided meditations and embodiment practices will be available to you in the form of downloadable recordings so that you may deepen into the practices at home.

Cost is $145 per retreat, or $530 (save $50) for participation in all 4.

Retreats are held from 10am-4pm and includes a vegetarian lunch.

The day includes a satsang exploring the theme of the day, guided meditations, individual and group embodiment practices incorporating breath, movement + sound, time for reflection, nature immersion, use of the wood-fired sauna, and growing connection and sense of oneness within self and community.

December 22nd
January 26th
February 16th
March 15th

Contact Clare by email info@gaiawellnessreteat.com or call 613-894-4242 to register!

You can find full details about Destini and the Gratitude Body Series at www.destinibroom.ca/workshops.

  • Retreat Name The Gratitude Body Series
  • Type
  • Date December 22nd - January 26th - February 16th - March 15th
  • Cost $145 per day retreat, or $530 (save $50) for participation in all 4