Are you a person that seems to fall into all sorts of serendipitous moments? Do you feel your intuitive self is trying to bloom? Do you feel maybe with a bit of self care and quiet opportunity you can gain faith in your intuition? Do you need to recharge the batteries? 

Join us for a two day long journey to find some clarity and encouragement for your inner intuitive in a serene and beautiful setting. Reconnect with nature, sit by the lake and listen to the whisper of the wind. Learn what an intuitive is and the different types of intuition. Learn how the Yogic world coincides with intuition. In this retreat you will be guided through some creative intuitive exercise’s with Wanda Quinn, intuitive, artist, author and creative wonder woman. You will also be guided through Yoga, Pranayama (breath work) and guided relaxation to play with energy and open up the intuitive pathways in the body with Lori registered yoga instructor, doula and nurturer. 

There will be time for creative exploration with art, journaling, card reading, nature exploration and more. Finish the weekend off with a mini card session, and walk away with your own hand made Mala bead bracelet, choose the energy and healing beads that suite you for good Karma, brought to you by Love Lava Diffuser Jewelery.


  • Retreat Name Intuitive Weekend Renewed Energy Retreat
  • Type
  • Date April 21 - 22, 2018
  • Cost $316.59