Join us for a free informational talk and Q&A about the amazonian medicine Kambo.

About the Facilitator:

Paymun Mirdamadi is a certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner under the IAKP. In addition to his work with the Kambo medicine, he also carries teachings, traditions and medicines from other traditions, which is referred to as an inter-tribal altar.

IAKP- International Association of Kambo Practitioners- is a not for profit organization that seeks to support and encourage the safe, responsible and legal use of Kambô through training, awareness raising, knowledge development and sharing, research, professional behaviour and best practice.

The IAKP are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the tribes who own the knowledge of this great medicine and who share it with us so generously. The IAKP, along with other key participants are currently working on plans to provide better educational resources and health care to the remote communities of the Matses tribe of Peru.

  • Retreat Name Kambo - Informational Talk
  • Type
  • Date Thursday, January 17, 2019 7-8pm
  • Cost FREE