Join us for an exclusive 2 day event with Master Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Teacher, Colin De France.

Living with Inner Awareness is a highly interactive and experiential workshop designed to help individuals develop emotional intelligence and skillful mental habits.

Based on
Search Inside Yourself, a program developed by Google, lessons are grounded in the field of neuroscience and cover topics dealing with:
~mindful listening
~emotional resilience
~mindful practices
~intention setting
~connecting with others


$250 for 2 Day Program w/ Lunch Included (both days)

Overnight Accommodations & Meals $125 - Includes linens, breakfast & dinner, use of all amenities & sauna.

For program details or to register, contact: or

  • Retreat Name Living with Inner Awareness - A Mindful Approach to Life
  • Type
  • Date November 24 - 25, 2018
  • Cost $250 Lunch Included - Overnight Accommodations & Meals $125