Finding your True Self in the release from Addiction.

Event Description:

“When we are trapped in addiction, we lose our true identity – through the teachings and practices of Kundalini yoga, we can rediscover our true self, and in finding, conquer any unhealthy behaviors and patterns. We are born pure, but a life lived without the necessary guidance can have us lose our way.” The tools and teachings are developed though Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the 12 steps and yogic spirituality (The Yoga Sutra’s, Bhagavad Gita) Buddhism ( The Four Noble truths, The Eightfold Path)
This weekend workshop will take the participant through a specific program to create a new life in sobriety and deepen their spirituality while living in a modern world. Participants do not require a prior yoga experience; the physical exercises are not challenging and accessible to most. All attendees should have a minimum of 3 months clean from alcohol and drugs.
Program Highlights:
Learn tools and techniques to support your freedom from addiction
Breathing exercises to cope with stress and anxiety
Guided meditations to calm your nervous system and connect with your true self
Writing exercises to release resentments
Yoga kriyas to build energy and inner strength
Understanding that we have a disease, but the dis-ease is not who we are.
To stay on the path of rediscovery, we must come to believe that there is way to turn
In order to move toward living in the true self, we must clear away the wreckage of the past to allow the true self to reemerge.

When: November 22, 23, & 24 (2019)

Facilitator biography and experience:

YogiJD is a teacher and practitioner of yoga; he is also a spiritual being in recovery from alcohol & drug addiction and stays sober to his practice, both of yoga and the 12 steps.
IKYTA & Yoga Alliance certified teacher

We are committed to making the retreat financially accessible to everyone. The upfront registration cost is to cover meals and accommodation for each participant. The payment for Manipura Centre and the instructor will be that of dana (donation) after the completion of retreat and the classes.

Registration Cost is $321.93 (tax included - based on two day/overnight attendance.

If you wish to commute to and from the retreat each day and will not be staying overnight, please contact the facilitator to determine your pricing structure.

Facilitator Name: Yogi JD (Anadhdeep)

Phone Number: 613-261-YOGA (9642)



  • Retreat Name Rediscovery: Finding your True Self in the release from Addiction.
  • Type
  • Date November 22-24th, 2019
  • Cost Registration Cost is $321.93 tax included