Schedule: June 13 - arrive by 5 pmJune 16 - 2 pm departure

Join reYoga for this first retreat at Gaia Wellness!


At your very foundation you are 5 elements. This is what yoga and Ayurveda teach us.

The level and condition of these 5 elements determines your well-being.

reTreat into Your 5 Elements will give you time to explore how earth, water, fire, air and ether elements are playing out in you.

Your body, mind and soul are impacted by the elements. You have a unique combination of the 5 elements that make up your constitution, but these naturally go out of balance from time to time. Imbalances can be identified, understood and addressed.

reTreat into Your 5 Elements will give you tools to address your elemental conditions. When you’re out of sorts physically, emotionally or spiritually, the elements are playing a role.


What you can expect from this reTreat

  • Gaia Wellness Retreat offers a rustic elegant glamping experience with cabins that comfortably sleep 4 people
  • A tenting option for those wanting to really connect with earth (contact us to discuss)
  • A beautiful yoga space
  • A fully-equipped kitchen facilities
  • Campfires, gardens and a private lake
There is limited space which offers an intimate reTreat experience, but also means you should register early to secure your spot.


Early-bird – register by April 15 –  shared $475 / private $625 + HST
Regular –  shared $525 /private $675 + HST

For tenting information, contact us.

What it includes:

  • 5 full practices – one for each of the elements
  • teachings on and practices related to each of the 5 elements
  • a pristine, nurturing setting with all 5 elements in abundance
  • vegetarian meals by onsite chef
  • cabins with screened porches
  • Gaia gardens, hammocks, wet sauna, canoes and more
  • community, kindness and inspiration



Thursday – meet and greet, dinner, socializing and practice

Friday and Saturday –

  • waking optional meditation
  • breakfast
  • morning practice
  • lunch at noon
  • afternoon leisure time
  • late afternoon practice
  • dinner
  • evening activity and practice


Sunday –

  • waking optional meditation
  • light morning snack
  • leisure time
  • morning practice
  • brunch
  • closing and departure


Contact (613) 325-7214 209 Hannah St. Ottawa, Ontario, KIL 7M6