So “What is a Sufi Retreat/ Happening”, you may ask. It is a period of time we hang-out together in a peaceful and preferably beautiful natural environment, doing our daily spiritual practices together and trying as best we can to connect with our Creator. It should be neither stressful with over-exertion nor slacking-off like a day at the beach( more on this later). Hopefully with the Generosity of God, something happens which shifts our consciousness and moves us to the next level spiritually. Let us all make dua( prayer) that this adventure brings us to satisfaction regardless of the nature of our experience.(In this light,even  so-called negative experience or non-experience can lead us to progress to the next level).

Join Us to Experience...

  1. 1  The most favourable conditions possible for mystical experience (‘hal’) and openings (‘futuhat’)

  2. 2  The basic practices of Wisal (Dhikr), Chiqong and awrad (Sufi recitations)

  3. 3  The basics of opening to the unfoldment of our destinies and good decision-making


Accomodations: (Tel.: 613-894-4242)


Explanation of Retreat: (The Sufi Retreat)

  • Retreat Name Sufi Pilgrim’s Semi-Annual 5 Day Retreat
  • Date August 29 - September 3, 2018
  • Cost $300 - Seminar $225 -$425 Accomodations