Embrace your true feminine power and transform your beliefs to finally create the life of purpose, clarity, and prosperity you deserve.

During this weekend immersive retreat, you and a select group of women will implement practical tools and exercises to love and fully embody the true “goddess” within!

The Result?

Love your body and attain peace with who you are!

Trust your inner voice and tap into your unconscious intuition!

Embody your divine feminine power (and break free from feelings of doubt, shame, insecurity, and powerlessness!)

And much, much more!

On your transformative journey, you will:

Embody your divine feminine power
Enhance your communication skills to honor your own voice, express yourself fully and authentically
Find out what is most sacred to you in relationships
Be fully present to create deep love bonds in your life
Understanding how we create our reality with our words

Breakthrough limiting thoughts and patterns to create abundance

Discover feminine archetypes to embody the goddesses in you


Investment: 750$ Canadian 

Includes all accommodation - three healthy meals per day - training - yoga

Link: womenretreat.ca


Itinerary from Friday to Sunday

FRIDAY - Arrival as of 4pm

Arrival ceremony 

Mind Theory

Introduction to the feminine self and goddess archetypes

Coming together and creating your own women tribe

Discussion around campfire

Restorative Yoga with essential oils

Meditation option

Rejuvenated sleep time


Morning wake-up yin yoga

Fresh and energizing breakfast

Psycho-Education around the masculine and feminine qualities - well known as the yin & yang energies

Breath-work exercices and clearing

FIVE wounds of the soul: discovering yours and healing capabilities

Nourishing Lunch

Journaling exercise and free time (forest walking, kayaking, sauna)

Design your own divine feminine essential oil roller blend

Identifying your limiting beliefs and patterns and transform them to create a life of purpose, clarity and strength

Learn about the five love languages and how they can improve the quality of your life and your relationships

Strengthening and integrating the teaching through a nature walk

Waterfront stretch and yoga

Goddess Gathering Dinner

Releasing ceremony with smudging, What am I releasing and what am I stepping into

Celebration ceremony: healing circle, integration meditation and Trees and Champagne dance party

Dream tight


Yoga flow


Sharing exercise

21 day program

Closing Circle and forest walk

Options - to stay at the center for the afternoon for a swim, hike, kayaking, sauna and exploring the wellness retreat.


  • Retreat Name Women’s Goddess Retreat – By Application Only
  • Type
  • Date May 31 - June 2, 2019
  • Cost $750 CAD