About Us

We live in a world where every second is consumed by demands and distractions; where people are more connected with a screen than their fellow man/woman. Our society has become disconnected from community and in many ways we have even become disconnected from ourselves.

Media sells us a limited vision of happiness and how we can attain it: by buying something, conforming to their standards of beauty and love, and teaching us that what we have will never be good enough.

At Gaia Welness we believe people are looking for something more: Happiness and peace that is cultivated through community and friendships, quiet meditations by a hidden lake, exploring ancient forests, and taking time to hear their own inner voice.

We aim to create and sustain a place where we can laugh, connect with others, connect with ourselves and temporarily disconnect from technology. Gaia Wellness is a place where people can come rejuvenate and renew their inner person.

"A wonderful retreat with beautiful grounds and great yoga classes. Billie was a gracious and helpful host. Looking forward to staying again"- Arthur

Explore a Magical Landscape

70 acres are yours to explore! A mixture of new and old growth forest surround you as you walk in breathtaking silence; you can almost hear your heartbeat. You breathe gently so as not to disturb the immaculate stillness.

Your thinking mind slows down. There is a magical quality to this space. Sensing it is here you will reconnect with all that life has to offer, you are reminded of the deep peace, love, and joy that pervades every moment. It is your birthright to live a life full of meaning and purpose. You remember what you are made of: pure potential and infinite possibility.

Exhaling contently, your body, mind, and spirit thank you: “Ahh, serenity at last”. A knowing smile rises upon your face as every cell in your body vibrates in excitement; you found what you’ve been looking for.

At Gaia wellness you can deepen your spiritual connection, get some needed R&R, meet new friends, eat super healthy & yummy food and explore all of nature's beauty! Enjoy a private cabin surrounded by nature. Breathe in the fresh air and sleep soundly. Bring a good book and curl up in a hammock or by the fire. Then maybe go for a hike through 55 acres of pristine woodland in the heart of the Gatineau's. Relax on a sandy beach at the edge of our semi-private lake. Go for a nice swim in the summer, take a tour in a canoe in the fall, go snowshoeing in the winter, or watch all the gardens bloom in the spring. The possibilities are endless...


Discover this Magical Space

Gaia Wellness Retreat is filled with pristine forest nestled in the natural beauty of the Gatineau Hills. The land invites us to gentle contemplation with it’s inherent serenity and natural beauty.

We are located only 45 minutes north of downtown Ottawa and just 15 minutes from beautiful Wakefield, QC. Our location is within 15 minutes driving distance of 3 differebnt Ski Resorts, Gatineau Park and Bungee Jumping & Zip-Lining.

Relax on a sandy beach at the edge of our semi-private lake: Petit Lac Usher. Cool off with a swim in the summer, practice yoga on Stand Up Paddle Boards, or take a tour in a canoe. During the colder months we provide snowshoes to explore the trails, the lake is cleared for skating and there are many toboggan hills to enjoy.

Our lacto-ovo Vegetarian Cafe is fueled by our organic vegetable garden as well as local organic farms. We eat well to be well. Our delicious and nutritious meals will ensure you glow from the inside out!

Lush gardens include a Zen Garden and Walking Meditation Garden. There are many walking/hiking trails to explore and peaceful hideaways to discover!