Sometimes you might feel that you are not really in your life. You can have a hard time letting go of the past or worry about the future. 

Yet there are times when you have experienced the deep contentment of just being in the now, without any concerns or fear. If you would like to learn to live more centered in these times attend this event.

Through an experiential process of self-acknowledgement and "practicing presence" and call and response chanting you will leave the workshop:

  • More in touch with your inner wholeness, energy and aliveness.

  • Being seen, heard and understood for who you really are and "standing" stronger in your presence

  • Noticing more often when you are stuck in the past or future and how to be in the peace and calmness of the"now"

  • More capable to connect on a "soul" level with others without losing yourself

  • Aware of how your mind traps your creativity and vitality and the life-path to awaken to your true self.

  • More "at home" in yourself, self-accepting and at ease.

Free Report:
Anyone that attends the seminar will receive Russell’s free report: “The Independent Seekers Guide” and an option for a complimentary "What's Going On In My Life" mentorship session.

Saturday May 26, 2018
9:30 am to 5:00 pm 
Gaia Wellness Retreat - La Peche Quebec


For more information call: Russell Scott at 519-829-4149 

Fee: $108.00 (includes a vegetarian lunch)

Or participants have the option to pay $25 to enroll and make a donation following the workshop in an amount that they feel the workshop is worth. 

 For more information about Russell click on: ABOUT RUSSELL

And for more details about the Coming Home Retreat please visit Russell's Website 

  • Retreat Name Living from Presence Workshop with Russell Scott
  • Type
  • Date May 26, 2018 9:30am - 5pm
  • Cost $108 Full Workshop or Pay $25 Enrolment Fee + Donation of what you feel the workshop was worth